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Ultrashort pulse laser beam allows free form 3D structuring of photopolymers at the micro- and nanoscale.

There is a huge variety of materials that can be processed, including hybrid organic-inorganic photopolymers, biodegradable polymers, elastomers, proteins, etc.

Multi-photon Polymerization

Multi-photon polymerization is a direct laser-write technique (3DLL). 

Differently from 3D printing, laser light does not draw a continuous line but is applied selectively.

This allows manufacturing of functional devices in micro-optics, microfluidics, micromechanics, tissue engineering, etc.

Proprietary software of Laser Nanofactory selects the best light writing path for optimal and fast results.

Construction of Laser Nanofactory allows stitching error-free fast processing, which is required for larger structures.

Ultra-sharp focusing (NA up to 1.4) allows production of high resolution structures with sub 200 nm features and sub 400 nm periodicity.

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