Valsigna GmbH
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We have founded our company with a vision of connecting a physical world with a digital one via specific technology.

Today we have expertise of putting micro QR codes on various materials, as well as a patent pending process and partnerships, which enable us to provide all round traceability solution for specific industries.

Micro QR Codes and Markings

Micro QR codes have numerous advantages for certain industries:

  • size from 70x70 microns to 2x2 mm.

  • 2x2 mm is user readable by Iphone X or similar

  • QR code commonly used - minimum application learning curve

  • well machine readable

  • different materials: metals, plastics, ceramics (on top), glass and sapphire (on top and inside)

  • permanent, non removable

  • difficult to reproduce

  • production is cold, etching does not affect nearby surfaces and does not require post-processing

Value Signature ®

Value Signature ® is a patent pending process of our micro QR code application for protection of small expensive or unique products, such as watches, jewelry or art. Get in touch to know how it can help you to:

  • exploit digital sales channels
  • reduce product recall costs
  • prevent unauthorized product use, and
  • keep customer engagement after sales

Blockchain Traceability 

We are the authorized re-seller and partner of the US company emTruth Ltd.

Our micro QR marking is combined with emTruth's BlockTwin to ​bind physical product with digital secure capture of product's digital twin in blockchain for the life of a product.

Main features:

  • API based, no need to change legacy data systems

  • Significant cost savings of data storing, retention and retrieval

  • Unlimited amount of information and chain length

  • Easy drill downs and roll-ups

  • Role based data access

  • Very secure, NIST CUI, DoD Cloud SRG, HIPAA, DFAR and GDPR compliant.

  • Patent Pending